Bucks County Auditing Services


Audits can be required for a number of reasons and we are here to help you meet those needs.  Generally, audits are required by banks in order to meet lending requirements.  You may also be required to have an audit in order to receive funding from governmental agencies.  Additionally, the organization’s by-laws may require a periodic audit.  It is important that you review your organization’s compliance requirements and determine if an audit is necessary.


Weinstein Financial is here to provide your organization with a one-time audit or a recurring audit for:

  • Closely – Held Companies
  • Non – Profit Organizations
  • Municipalities
  • Employee Benefit Plans


We work in a wide variety of fields and are ready to meet your needs and provide a superior audit experience.
If you’re interested in business auditing services, then please call 215-345-6651 or email us doug@weinsteinfinancial.com today and we will walk you through the process


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